Swim, ski, dive, sail, fly. There’s no end to the pleasures of Goa

The waters of Goa offer an endless series of pleasurable activities for visitors – at sea and on the river. Even those who are not into watersports before visiting Goa become converted after they arrive here. And before you know it, no one wants to get out of the water!

Watersports in Goa have something to offer everybody – young and old. Apart from the obvious pleasures of swimming, you can opt for so many other activities. Whether you are a learner or experienced, you can try out the heady combination of sailing and surfing by choosing to windsurf. Let the experts show you how to adjust your balance and strength as you skim across the water.

If you prefer something even more exhilarating, let yourself fly behind a racing speedboat, on water skis. When you would like something more substantial, like being on a motorbike, then replace the road with the ocean and speed across the waters on a water scooter which can carry two for company.

You can also dive into the inviting depths of the Arabian Ocean by indulging in a bit of scuba diving. Explore the underwater pleasures around Goa. Alternatively, if you want to explore the skies above the Goan waters, take off for a day of parasailing as you glide through the sky.

When you’ve had enough of the high octane watersports, let yourself drift in peace and serenity with dinghy sailing. Irrespective of age and agility, this is an activity that suits everybody.

If you feel like shifting from ocean to river, head for the wilderness in the Western Ghats and experience that adrenaline rush as you go White Water Rafting in the swollen river during the monsoons.

These are just a few of the watersports that reflect the lure of Goa. There’s so much more for you to experience. Come – dive into the exciting world of water in Goa!