About Us

Luxury Goa Villas Limited is a property rental company which offers Goa’s finest private villas for rent whilst providing an unrivaled local concierge service. The company has been operating since 2007.

The owner of the company has lived in Goa for twenty five years which has enabled us to develop special relationships with villa owners and local service providers. We are based in Goa so we know the region, the customs and the local people well. As as result we are confident that we can fully meet and, hopefully, exceed your expectations.

Our Team

  • Jonno Allsopp

    Jonno Allsopp (MD & Marketing)

    Jonno started Luxury Goa Villas after running an All India travel business during which time Goa has been his work base and home. His knowledge of Goa coupled with his associations with villa owners has allowed the business to develop.

  • Cordelia Francis

    Cordelia Francis (General Manager)

    Cordelia has previously worked as a journalist in India and is a published writer. She has been the PR manager for a US based alternative healing institute. Cordelia is responsible for developing and promoting the ‘Luxury Goa Villas’ brand. Email: cordelia@luxurygoavillas.com

  • Nisha Baruah

    Nisha Baruah (PR & Marketing)

    Nisha has a background in corporate event management and she has previously been working in the tourism, hospitality and events sectors in Goa. Nisha lives in Goa permanently and she runs our local Goa office throughout the year. Email: nisha@luxurygoavillas.com

  • Urvi Shah

    Urvi Shah (Marketing, IT, Web Design & Advertising)

    Urvi has many years experience working in the on-line marketing, advertising and social media businesses. She lives in Goa and she will be developing innovative ideas for the company in her specialised fields. Email: urvi@luxurygoavillas.com

  • Concierge & General Staff

    Concierge & General Staff

    We have a dedicated team of masseurs, masseuses, yoga teachers, therapists, sightseeing guides, chauffeurs, event planners, cooks, sea captains and general staff on hand to help make your holiday perfect. Email: concierge@luxurygoavillas.com