That’s right. Tucked away up in North Goa is this charming little village (although it is Goa’s largest village!) that has still not become a tourist hotspot thanks to its location inland. So if you want to experience the original Goa that most tourists have not come across, then this is the place for you. Siolim is not just simple but positively rustic, and has not changed its ways even to attract visitors.

Where else can you find a place that caters primarily to locals and not tourists? Where else can you feast on authentic Goan cuisine that has not been tempered to western tastes? There are no touristy gift shops nor sightseeing tours. But you can get some of the world’s best feni – a unique Goan brew made from cashews or coconuts and heady to say the least!

And in the midst of this region which is intrinsically Goan is a private villa that is the epitome of luxury. A Portuguese heritage home, it dates back to life a century ago. A seamless fusion of the old and the new, this luxury villa combines handmade furniture, contemporary interiors and high-end lighting installations. A case in point are the designer bathrooms with rain showers, containing laundry baskets woven by the women in the village.

If you don’t want to hang out in the tree house, there are any number of spaces to lounge around in. If you don’t feel like driving down to the beach, just dive into the private pool. And when you want to retire for the night in privacy, you can opt for three luxurious suites with attached bathrooms, or two sleeping lofts.

All this while you are served gourmet cuisine and pampered by our full time staff. So if you want to experience Goa in a way no other visitor has in a villa rental, you know where to come.

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