Art can never be static – it grows…it evolves…it takes on a life of its own…it wanders the corridors of creativity. A work of art catches your eye…assails your senses…envelops you…and wanders away to new spaces…to capture new audiences. This is the spirit of Gallery Gitanjali at Panaji, where art and creativity wait in suspended animation, beckoning both the appreciative and the uninitiated.

Integral to the Panjim Inn, Panjim Pousada and the Panjim People’s, the Gallery is here, there and everywhere – a seamless display of original artworks by local and international artists that wend their way down winding corridors, public areas, guest rooms, verandahs, or the Chowk of the Pousada. The terracotta tiled roofs, granite mosaic floors and shifting glow of daylight and artificial lights form a living frame around the works of art on display.

The gallery has extensive displays of art by artists who have received acclaim in India and abroad. In addition to a Scandinavian art collection ranging from the 1950’s to the 1990’s, including linocuts, woodcuts, etchings, lithographs and serigraphs.

Gallery Gitanjali today is a cultural space that also houses a conference/workshop venue, a café and an alternative art studio. It also hosts workshops and events all year round such as book launches, book and poetry readings, art history and film appreciation courses, art performances, art and theatre workshops, and talks on environmental issues and conservation.

The Gallery welcomes visitors to come and steep themselves in a world of creativity, browsing books and playing board games. Art aficionados can attend courses on the art ‘of seeing’ and expressing on paper and canvas, and immerse themselves in alternative art using avant-garde techniques.

Visiting Gallery Gitanjali is like visiting a parallel universe where you spontaneously respond to the call of creativity and artistic expression.