This is a selection of testimonials from guests who have stayed at our villas:

We had a lovely stay. The villa was very nice and comfortable and actually was better than I expected, especially the swimming pool layout and the garden. The staff were very helpful.

– Avni Soochak – UK

Our stay at the Sandhu Beach House in Goa was superb. Prior to our stay, Luxury Goa Villas communicated promptly and effectively at all times.
This made our booking experience very smooth. They were also willing to negotiate a good deal for us, which was very nice.

At the Villa, we had a fantastic experience. The housekeeper Amelia and her staff were very friendly and helpful throughout the stay.
The quality of the villa was great too. None of us had any serious complaint about any part of the villa during the entire trip.
Great quality facilities, the private beach access, huge garden and the swimming pool made our stay even more amazing. We would love to stay again.

– Sahas – India

We were thoroughly spoiled and we look forward to booking with Luxury Goa Villas in the future. The service that you provided was absolutely 5 star. Very efficient, professional and able to meet the clients needs to a T.

– Lara Stapleton – UK

Just wanted to thank you for an excellent arrangement overall. All my friends had a great time with the superb accommodation; the staff and organisation were flawless. Looking forward to staying with you again.

– Ghassan Anjum – India

We had a super time at the villa. It was one of the best places we’ve ever stayed at for the accommodation, the service and the facilities. The accommodation in particular was outstanding – perfectly balanced, impeccably clean, nicely furnished and we loved our bathrooms. Your website was what attracted me in the first place which worked very well.

– Sarah Pajwani – UK

We had a great trip, a huge success all round. You have been so helpful and and thank you for everything. We would love to revisit Goa another time and I have recommended your company to lots of friends already.

– Julia Colfox – UK

You have been very prompt and professional in facilitation of a well planned holiday. The privacy was unparalleled and the food was delicious. The staff were always prepared to go the extra mile. I look forward to more such holidays with Luxury Goa Villas.

– Ridhima Hakeem – India

The service received from Luxury Goa Villas was terrific, I couldn’t have asked for more. The villa manager was fantastic, he couldn’t do enough for everybody and was more than willing to fulfill any request made.

– Mary Gleeson – UK

We had the most fantastic trip and are already planning our stay with you next year. The villa, facilities, staff, food and service provided by Luxury Goa Villas were excellent.

– Euan Carlisle – UK

Thank you for everything. We had a wonderful vacation.

– Ilaria Marsiaj – Italy

There are only a few words one can use to describe our holiday in Goa; wonderful, very spoilt and fun. We all felt that our Villa outshone any hotel. When we plan our next trip we will definitely use your service.

– Clare Adams – USA

We had the most amazing time. The villa was just what we were looking for and the staff made the stay even better. We really appreciated all the assistance we received and we will definitely be back.

– Cherise Chislet – Dubai

The villa was very nice and the entire experience was wonderful. Thank you for your help with the arrangements and for making the vacation so memorable.

– Mridula Joshi – India

We had a great time and I have already referred friends to your website. We were very happy with the Luxury Goa Villas experience. The villa was gorgeous and extremely comfortable. The staff were also wonderful, particularly the cook.

– Lisa Bailey – USA

It was fantastic. We loved every minute.

– Gareth Hares – Ireland

I have no words to describe the experience. It was like a dream, absolutely superb! The service and staff were also excellent. Thank you for all your support and we look forward to coming back.

– Vipin Suri – India

I have stayed at many luxury holiday villas around the world, but never have I met someone as accommodating and truly eager to put a smile on your face, like the Luxury Goa Villas concierge manager did. The next time I am in Goa, I know I am putting a call through to him because he sits with Goa’s pulse in his hand and can always make a recommendation that will make your day worthwhile.

– Zohar Lokhandwala – India

We had a wonderful time at the villa. Hopefully we will be back soon.

– Sarah-Jane Woodings – UK

We had a lovely time at the villa and we were very well looked after by the staff who were fantastic, especially with the kids and the food was delicious. The service provided by Luxury Goa Villas was great, everything was smooth and the information provided very helpful.

– Natalia Pozo – Spain

We enjoyed our stay in both villas, they both are wonderful in their own way and we certainly appreciated the service provided by your company both before and during the trip.

– Vladimir & Olga Panova – Russia

We had a great time in Goa and we will definately use your company again to book villas in Goa for future trips.

– Kunal Merchant – India

The staff were tremendous and I can’t praise them enough. We were sad to leave but we look back at a wonderful holiday. Thank you for all your good care.

– Colin & Floor Christie – Saudi Arabia

We loved the style and decor of the villa. The food was excellent, presentation was perfect, atmosphere was serene and we were well served. We will come back soon enough. Thank you.

– Noreen Ehrlich – USA

The food was great and service was super great! The staff were the best and the pool was lovely. The service provided by Luxury Goa Villa has also been great. We give it 9.9 out of 10.

– Marcus Lippert – UK

Your website is the only reason we chose to come to Goa otherwise I would never have thought Goa was for us.

– Merrie Allison – USA

Thank you so much for your help in organising our holiday. We really enjoyed the villa and the staff were terrific. We will certainly recommend your company to others.

– Orla MacSherry – Ireland

The service provided by your organisation was first class and the management of the whole process is to be commended. The villa was stunning and with the truly memorable food the entire experience was fabulous. When looking for a villa in the future you will be our first call.

– James Brosnan – UK

Thank you again for your time and excellent service.

– Jess Walters – UK

We had a fantastic time at the villa and our honeymoon was perfect and we would not want to change a thing so please don’t. The staff were great and we hope we can stay again soon.

– John & Alycha Watchorn – Australia

The beautiful villa was more than what I had ever hoped for. I am a guest food critic to Timeout in London and Zaggat in New York and I can report that the food was a gastronomical treat. The best local Goan food I have ever had. Every meal was different and every meal was awesome. I hope to return on a regular basis and Luxury Goa Villas handled my booking very efficiently.

– Sonny Wali – India

To be frank with you, no comment, it was just all perfect and would recommend it to anyone.

– Dominique Jullienne – France

We were delighted by the house, the excellent staff, the food quality, the service and the attention to detail. The care and warmth we received were beyond our expectations.

– Ron Randolph-Wall – USA

We had a super time in Goa. Your staff and the whole team were fantastic and I certainly would like to stay in the villa again.

– Rishma Kaur – India

The villa was extremely comfortable and the staff couldn’t have been more helpful and kind. Thank you for making our stay so enjoyable. It was marvellous to have to have you at the end of the telephone to answer our every whim! Goodness I am glad we didn’t stay in a hotel.

– Susan Guinness – UK

We had a lovely stay at the villa, the staff were great and we were able to really relax. Thanks a lot for your help and I’ll be in touch if we head for Goa again.

– Jessica Morris – UK

I had an extremely enjoyable stay at your villa. Both my family and I appreciated the efforts of the staff to make our stay as pleasant as possible. Many thanks for your help and I will remain in touch.

– Mark Hilpern – UK