Wining and dining on the beach – a Sublime experience!

Quaint, charming, picturesque, intimate, delicious – there are only so many ways to describe the same place – Sublime restaurant in Morjim, Goa. None of these are synonyms, they are just different facets of the same Sublime experience.

Sublime has been evolving over the years as it has shifted from one location to another even better location, every time. Today, it hugs the sandy beach at Morjim, offering gastronomical delights to tickle your taste buds while you sip on delightful cocktails (available all through the day!) and nibble on palate tingling fusion cuisine while gazing at the ocean.

The ambience at Sublime is in a league of its own. From the organic palm roof over the dining area to the quaint kitchen in a Portuguese villa at the back and the paper and seashell lantern décor – the restaurant is almost like a chameleon as it lends itself to romantic candle-lit dinners as well as high voltage group parties. And the best part is that it is equally great for a hearty breakfast, seafood lunch or fine dining and cocktails after sunset.

The cuisine at Sublime has also been evolving over the years. While die hard fans still savor the Ginger Battered Calamari with Apricot Chutney or the Blue Cheese Stuffed Beef that they have always enjoyed, they can now relish innovative new dishes such as the Saffron and Fenugreek Risotto with Yellow Tandoori Prawns.

Sublime focuses on fresh, and preferably organic, ingredients whenever possible, to be used in all the dishes that are imaginatively created here. All accompanied by exciting cocktails that combine a myriad Asian and international flavors.

Each and every dish and drink served here is a reflection of the owner and chef’s experiences spanning America, Europe and Goa. So if you want an unforgettable cocktail and cuisine experience in Goa – Sublime is the place to be.