Feel the earth move under your feet as you take to the skies

You may pride yourself on being a person who is grounded – until you lift off! So on your next vacation in Goa plan to do just that – take flight. And there’s no better way to do that than to take off in a hot air balloon and rise 2500 feet above the Goan countryside.

Goa by hot air balloon is a breathtaking experience the likes of which you will never forget. As you float across the skies, swaying gently to the unseen rhythm of Goa that sprawls under you in a panoramic patchwork quilt of colors – the lush green tropical forests, the sparkling azure blue of the sea and the shimmering silver-gold sands.

Hot air ballooning in Goa is a unique experience – from the time you help the pilot to inflate the balloon until you seat yourself in a basket that can hold up to 12 people. Then let yourself be as one with the skies during your hour long flight – either to witness the spectacular sunrise over Goa or the fiery sunsets before the day ends. And if you still can’t tear yourself away from your balloon after landing – you are welcome to help deflate it!

Hot air balloon flights are obviously dependent on the weather, so do check early in the morning whether it will take off as scheduled. If you’re planning to take an early morning flight, do arm yourself with some light woolen wear. One of the great advantages of hot air ballooning in Goa is that you are not required to be particularly athletic or technically inclined – it is an activity anyone can enjoy.

All you have to do is take your camera, take off into the wild blue yonder and start shooting!