The Cube Gallery – of all things art and artistry

Goa means sun, sand, sea, sightseeing and shopping to most people. And yet it has hidden depths still to be explored, that go beyond traditional architecture, cuisine, handicrafts and churches. Because Goa has much to offer to the lovers of art, sculpture, design and overall creativity – both contemporary and otherwise. In the shape of a Cube!

Tucked away in the charming village of Moira, surrounded by gently undulating hills and valleys, the Cube Gallery is a tribute to all that is art and creativity. It wears many caps, including that of a workshop, exhibition hall, creative sounding board and so much more. It attracts and nurtures a tribe of artists and artistes, encouraging them to experiment with new theories and techniques, while perfecting old ones. Because ‘art should give form to new ideas’ – the Cube’s core philosophy.

Lovingly designed, built and nurtured by Sonny Singh, artist, architect and global citizen, the Cube not only showcases finished works of art, but provides an environment in which painters, musicians, sculptors, performing artists and designers are all able to focus on fine tuning their techniques – to learn, grow, evolve and create spectacular works of art.

The Cube offers an interesting combination of facilities, such as the Loft on the top floor of the Cube, comprising suites for short stay accommodation; a library containing an incredible collection of books on landscape architecture; a comprehensive film library which is in the making; and a café that will serve light refreshments when the gallery is open.

The Cube’s plans include providing a forum for animators committed to ‘experimental animation’ and to host an experimental animation film festival.

Innovatively conceptualized and designed, the Cube is a Utopia for all people and things creative.